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People Matter To Us

Austin using his computer with joystick

InvoTek does a lot of work with Be Extraordinary, a non-profit that helps people with disabilities achieve their life goals. Our technical team is helping Austin to succeed at college. He takes online courses and controls his computer using Dragon Naturally Speaking speech recognition software, an onscreeen keyboard, and a specially modified PlayStation joystick and switch controller. Austin is doing well at school, although there are challenges. We're helping to work through them!

LaserChat Pro is a new talking Android app with sophisticated word prediction for use with Bluetooth keyboards. It is available in the Google Play store. It is free and it works great with our Bluetooth laser-controlled keyboard. Stay tuned for announcements on another new InvoTek product very soon!



Welcome to InvoTek, where technology opens the door to independence, communication, and quality of life for people with severe disabilities.

Our expertise lies in two areas – helping people like George and Martin control computers when they can’t use their hands, and improving communication for people who find it challenging to use their natural speech.

Here's what InvoTek can do for you:

  • Provide research-proven technology.
  • Be your engineering partner so you can achieve your life goals.
  • Help you find funding --even if your needs aren't fundable through insurance.
  • Give you a way to use your skills and expertise to help others.

At InvoTek, our priority is to help every client obtain the tools and services needed to improve quality of life. Please contact us -- we’ll do our best to help you.



InvoTek is very pleased to announce that it is a partner within a new, Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Augmentative and Alternative Communication (The RERC on AAC)! The RERC on AAC is a collaboration of creative researchers from prestigious organizations, including Penn State, Oregon Health and Sciences University, and the Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital. This RERC on AAC is funded for 5 years, at a total budget of nearly $5,000,000, to perform R&D and professional training designed to improve the knowledge and technology within this disability field. Stay tuned!

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

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Recent News

InvoTek Receives $175,000 National Institutes of Health Award

Grant Will Fund Development of Quad Rider – A Gear and Braking Device that Helps People with Disabilities Operate a Handcycle Safely

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InvoTek Receives $162,000 National Institutes of Health Award

Grant Will Fund Development of RealTalk – A Breakthrough Device that Helps People with Disabilities Communicate More Effectively.

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InvoTek Receives $550,100 National Institutes of Health Award

Grant Will Fund Development of PlayTalk – Software that Helps Children with Disabilities Learn Language Skills

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InvoTek Receives National Institute on Aging Grant

Grant Will Fund Web-Based Simulator to Train Caregivers to Provide More Effective Assistance to People with Dementia.

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InvoTek Wins da Vinci Award

SSR won the da Vinci award for education and communciation aids!

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