Video of Merle using Safe-laser SystemCommunicate with your medical providers and family, use your favorite computing device, or control your environment with an easy-to-use, eye-safe laser pointer and specialized keyboard, now with a Bluetooth wireless interface! The video on the left demonstrates the power of safe-laser pointing for people with very minimal movement capabilities as well as the features for the new Bluetooth version.

A single word for describing the Safe-laser System is “simple.” Young children find moving the laser light easy to do. Adults who have suffered a brain injury often find moving a light easy to do. In fact, our research has demonstrated that some people diagnosed with “locked-in syndrome” actually learn to move their head using our safe-laser technology. The key is simplicity.

The Safe-laser System provides a continuum of access options. Start out just pointing the eye-safe laser* at a letter board or images and let a communication partner interpret what the point means. Then progress to a “call button” that lets someone know you want to tell them something – and you point to letters while they interpret. Then, using dwell or a secondary switch, you can write out messages to the display, or access recorded speech on a key-by-key basis. You can also control the TV. Finally, connect the Safe Laser System to an inexpensive Android tablet and use our free LaserChat app (available in the Google Play Store) to achieve text-to-speech output. It is all possible with the new Safe-laser System – simple light pointing, spelling, Bluetooth or USB computer access, speech output, and environmental control. And it is easy to do. The Safe-laser System isn’t for everybody, but it is simple!

New Bluetooth Version Available Now!

*The Safe-laser System is a Class 1 Laser Product, the safest FDA classification possible.