About Us

InvoTek is an R&D company that provides innovative products and services to improve independence, computer access, and communication for people who find it difficult or impossible to use their hands. The one minute video below gives a quick overview of InvoTek. 

"InvoTek’s mission is to empower our clients through accessible technology. The people we serve are integral to our research and design process. They are our teachers and our critics, ensuring that the products and services we offer meet their needs. If InvoTek fails to do this, we fail at our calling."

Tom Jakobs

Problem Solvers

 We combine hands-on experience with technical expertise and determination to provide access to technology that mitigates the challenges faced by our clients.


We are committed to helping adults and children find and obtain the resources they need to work, learn, play and interact with friends and family.


We work together with families, caregivers, rehab clinicians, and research centers across the country to empower people with disabilities.

“We owe much of our success to the strategic partnerships we’ve formed with researchers and rehabilitation professionals who share one common goal: to improve the lives of people who live with disabilities.”

Tom Jakobs

Our Story

Two kids playing with assistive technology toys

Tom and Diane Jakobs founded InvoTek in 1988 after being inspired by a speech pathologist who introduced them to the challenges faced by children with severe disabilities. InvoTek remains dedicated to creating a wide range of technologies related to disability, including augmentative communication, computer access, dementia caregiving, and adaptive sports. We actively participate in the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program and we are a partner in the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Augmentative and Alternative Communication (RERC on AAC). InvoTek also provides engineering and assistive technology services to Be Extraordinary, a nonprofit 501c3 organization that helps people with severe disabilities achieve a life goal.

Over the past 20 years, InvoTek has enjoyed a reputation for excellence among its peers in the R&D community. In addition to being a leading recipient of SBIR grants, InvoTek has received the following awards...

Awards & Honors

  • The U.S. Small Business Administration’s national Tibbetts Award, in recognition of outstanding contributions to the SBIR program.
  • The international 'da Vinci Award' in the communication/educational aides category.
  • Arkansas Technology Transfer Society T² Award.
  • Certificate of Appreciation from the Arkansas Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ArkSHA).