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Welcome to InvoTek

Our goal is to improve independence, communication, and quality of life for people with severe disabilities.

InvoTek has been serving people with quadriplegia for over 28 years. Our products focus on two areas – helping people like George and Martin control computers when they can’t use their hands, and improving communication for people who find it challenging to use their natural speech. Our research program has a broader scope. Learn more by visiting our Research page.

When a standard product just won't do, InvoTek's engineering team will create custom solutions to meet your needs. Visit our Services page to learn more .

Here's what InvoTek can do for you:

  • Provide research-proven technology.
  • Be your engineering partner so you can achieve your life goals.
  • Help you find funding -- even if your needs aren't funded through insurance.
  • Give you a way to use your skills and expertise to help others.

At InvoTek, our priority is to help every client obtain the tools and services needed to improve quality of life. Please contact us -- we’ll do our best to help you.