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BlueTalk is a wireless personal communication device. It provides a two-line, forward facing LCD display used to output text and speakers that are optimized for playing synthesized speech. In addition, BlueTalk makes it possible for our MultiAccess app to write into -- and move the cursor on -- up to two smart devices. BlueTalk communicates with tablets and computers using the Bluetooth wireless standard and supports Bluetooth’s auto-reconnect feature. BlueTalk’s LCD and speakers are controlled through our free MultiAccess app. The size of BlueTalk is 8.5" x 3" x 1.25" thick. Bluetalk weighs 12 ounces.

The wide variety of smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers is great, but they are difficult to control if you struggle to access their touchscreens or handle multiple devices. BlueTalk combined with the MultiAccess app addresses this problem. Start by selecting an Android tablet that is the best size for your physical abilities, then install our free MultiAccess app. Next pair the tablet to BlueTalk and you are ready to use MultiAccess to type into up to two other Bluetooth-enabled devices! No special software is needed on the devices being typed into.

BlueTalk also has two 3.5mm diameter mono switch ports, allowing you to control MultiAccess when the app is in scanning mode. MultiAccess provides access to sophisticated switch setup parameters within BlueTalk.

Other BlueTalk features include:

  • Adaptive speaker volume control based on ambient noise.
  • A headphone jack to enable personal conversations with synthesized speech.
  • A relay output jack for signaling or controlling other devices such as battery-operated toys or nurse call switches.
  • Rechargeable battery with 10 hours of use time.

BlueTalk comes with a charger. InvoTek offers a 6 month warranty on parts and labor.

The MultiAccess system is a combination of three technologies:

  • An Android tablet (not included)
  • Our free Android MultiAccess app
  • A BlueTalk or BlueHub (BlueHub is an alternative device which does not include an LCD screen or speakers).

Curious? MultiAccess should work on any Android device running version 4.1 (Jelly bean) or later, but we have only tested it on Samsung and Nexus devices. The app is a free download, so it is easy to check if it will work on your device. Call us if we can help.

The MultiAccess app is available in the Google Play store. There is no cost for this app.

Developers interested in learning more about BlueTalk or obtaining Windows or Android software development support should contact InvoTek. We are eager to support your efforts.

BlueTalk ScreenShot   BlueTalk makes it possible for our MultiAccess app to write into -- and move the cursor on -- up to two smart devices. The input Android tablet running the MultiAccess app (screenshot above) sends commands to BlueTalk, which "translates" the keyboard and cursor control commands into Bluetooth HID protocol and then forwards them to one of two (maximum) connected devices (smartphones, computers, etc.). As long as a device supports connecting to a standard Bluetooth keyboard and/or mouse, BlueTalk can be used to access the device (i.e., all operating systems are supported). BlueTalk maintains its connection with all devices, so switching among devices when typing is instantaneous. You select the device to be written into by picking the device from the selection bar above the MultiAccess word prediction list (Barret's Iphone is selected in the screenshot above). No special software is required on the two connected devices. BlueTalk attempts to auto-reconnect upon power-up; so if you power-up BlueTalk last, all the Bluetooth connections will be managed automatically after the first time you connect.

The BlueTalk text display is two lines by 40 characters long. It scrolls line-by-line as necessary for displaying long messages. Activating the relay output on BlueTalk becomes an option on the on-screen keyboard once BlueTalk is selected as the output device. The relay output will switch up to 120 V at 100 ma.

BlueTalk has a built-in microphone for measuring ambient noise and can automatically adjust the speaker output volume based on the noise. This helps to address the problem of the speaker setting being inappropriate for a particular environment. For example, if the volume is set for communication in a loud restaurant and the user moves to a quiet location, BlueTalk will automatically reduce the speaker volume for use in the quiet location.

BlueTalk also has two, 3.5mm diameter mono switch ports on the left side of the box. Switches connected to these ports can be used to control MultiAccess when the app is in scanning mode. Both automatic and step scanning are supported. MultiAccess also provides access to sophisticated switch setup parameters within BlueTalk, making it possible to make selections on either the press or release of a switch. MultiAccess also provides access to settings that filter switch control errors, such as accidental double-hits of a switch.

To learn more about MultiAccess, please visit the MultiAccess product page. MultiAccess is a free app, so it is easy for people to try it. Call us if you have questions or need help

Download BlueTalk User manual.

Questions? Contact us.

BlueTalk turns tablet devices running communication apps into a capable personal communication device. The speakers on tablet devices are not loud enough for communication in many environments, nor do tablet devices support front-facing displays or the control of external devices. BlueTalk connects wirelessly to tablets running compatible apps like MultiAccess  and provides a unique and personal way to converse. The conversation partner can place BlueTalk in front of him or her and adjust the volume of the speakers so that conversations are reasonably private. Of course, using a headset makes the conversation even more private and is supported by BlueTalk (headset not included).

The front-facing display (towards the communication partner) provides persistent text of the synthesized speech output. If a partner does not immediately understand the synthesizer (a common problem with synthesized speech), he or she can quickly review the matching text on the display. It is also possible to just write a message and not speak it. These options help the person communicating via BlueTalk to communicate effectively in a broad range of situations and environment.

BlueTalk also makes it possible for our MultiAccess app to write into -- and move the cursor on -- up to two smart devices. The input Android tablet running the MultiAccess app sends commands to BlueTalk, which "translates" the keyboard and cursor control commands into Bluetooth HID protocol and then forwards them to one of two (maximum) connected devices (smartphones, computers, etc.). This allows you to use the one MutliAccess on-screen keyboard or mouse trackpad to control up to two other devices. 

Many people who require BlueTalk also have physical disabilities. The relay output of BlueTalk can be used to activate switch controlled devices. Examples include switch-controlled toys and nurse-call buttons. Nearly any device that accepts a switch input can be connected and controlled by BlueTalk.

 This product was developed under a grant to the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Augmentative and Alternative Communication (The RERC on AAC) from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR) grant # 90RE5017.  However, the descriptions do not necessarily represent the policy of the funding agency, and you should not assume endorsement by the federal government.