LaserChat Pro

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LaserChat Pro is a free, Android-based text editor with word prediction and speech output. It is designed to be operated using an external Bluetooth keyboard, but it will work with built-in onscreen keyboards as well.

Selecting words from the word prediction list is accomplished by using keys on your keyboard that are not needed for typing (such as multimedia keys) and assigning them to select words from the prediction list. Assigning key functions is done within the LaserChat Pro options menu. Keys can also be assigned to clear the LaserChat text window, speak words, sentences, paragraphs, or the entire window, and access the options menu . Complete access to the app is possible via reassigning keys.

In addition to the above you can save and open previously typed text, as well as assign recorded (digitized) speech to a key sequence. For example, the key sequence "TGIF" can be assigned the recording "Thank goodness it is Friday!". Thus, LaserChat Pro enables a person to mix expressive recordings and synthesized speech.

The word prediction system predicts the next word based on the previous word and it learns new words.

Minimum version 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) of Android is required.

InvoTek designed LaserChat Pro for use with the Safe-laser System, however, it will work with any Bluetooth keyboard.

LaserChat Pro is available in the Google Play store. There is no cost for this app.

Contact us if you have questions or we can help. Enjoy!