Mini-Keyboard with Keyguard

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InvoTek's Bluetooth wireless Mini-Keyboard with Keyguard helps people who type with a single finger or a pointer in three ways:

  1. The small size of the moisture-resistant keyboard (9" wide by 5.75" tall) reduces the distance that someone has to reach to access all the keys.
  2. The keyguard fits between the keys and prevents simultaneously striking two keys next to each other.
  3. The keyguard is slightly taller than the keys to allow resting your hand on the keyguard without activating keys.

The combination of the smaller keyboard with a keyguard makes typing easier and reduces the number of mistakes due to hitting two keys. The keyboard is wireless (via Bluetooth) and has a rechargeable battery that charges using a standard USB port (cable included). The keyboard works with any device that accepts a Bluetooth keyboard, including many Windows and Mac computers, as well as iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and phones. We also offer a Bluetooth dongle if your computer does not support Bluetooth but does have a USB port.

If you are interested in the adjustable angle stand as well (supporting the keyboard in the picture below), let us know. We're not manufacturing these on a regular basis, but we'll make one for you at a reasonable price if you need it.

Minikeyboard with stand

The keyguard sits in-between the keys to prevent two keys from being pressed at the same time. The thickness of the plastic is slightly higher than the height of the keys -- so you can rest your hand on the keyguard without activating keys. The keyboard is wireless (via Bluetooth) and includes a rechargeable battery. Recharging is easily accomplished by plugging the keyboard into any USB port and should only need to be done once every couple of weeks.

People with limited hand movement and control often find standard keyboards difficult. The range of motion required to reach all the keys can make typing difficult and fatiguing. Limited bodily control means more mistakes by accidentally hitting two keys at the same time. It is also difficult for some people to suspend their hand above a keyboard without support.

The mini-keyboard and keyguard provides a relatively inexpensive approach to making a computer more accessible. The small size means you don't have to reach so far to hit keys and the keyguard won't let you hit two keys at once. The keyguard is also slightly taller than the keyboard keys, which makes it possible for the user to rest their hand on the keyguard with accidentally selecting keys.