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The Safe-laser System is a Bluetooth keyboard that is activated using InvoTek's eye-safe laser. Each key on the Safe-laser keyboard is programmable and can function in several ways, including sending standard keyboard commands via USB or Bluetooth, providing digitized speech output, sending TV remote control functions, or performing internal Safe-laser System functions. The special laser provided with the system is eye-safe and meets FDA Class 1 specifications -- the safest possible classification.

The video below demonstrates the power of safe-laser pointing for people with minimal movement capabilities.

A single word for describing the Safe-laser System is “simple.” Young children find moving the laser light easy to do. Adults who have suffered a brain injury often find moving a light easy to do. In fact, our research has demonstrated that some people diagnosed with “locked-in syndrome” actually learn to move their head using our safe-laser technology. The key is simplicity.

The Safe-laser System has been designed to provide a continuum of access options, from very simple "low tech" to complete computer access via a wireless keyboard. For example, one can start out just pointing the eye-safe laser* at a letter board or images and let a communication partner interpret what the point means. Then, the user could progress to activating a “call button” that lets someone know that he or she has something to say – but the user can still laser points towards letters while others interpret the meaning of the point. Then, using dwell or a secondary switch, the user can write out messages to the display, access recorded speech, or control a computer, tablet, or phone. You can also control the TV. Finally, connect the Safe Laser System to an inexpensive Android tablet and use our LaserChat Pro app to achieve text-to-speech output without or with word prediction. It is all possible with the Safe-laser System – simple light pointing, spelling, Bluetooth or USB computer access, speech output, and environmental control. And it is easy to do! The Safe-laser System isn’t for everybody, but it is simple!

The Safe-laser System is simple from the user's perspective, but it is a sophisticated device. The video above provides a quick overview of the system. The large area laser-sensing surface is unique in the world (to the best of our knowledge) and was designed specifically to meet the needs of people with disabilities. It works in a broad range of lighting environments, from darkness to near direct sunlight. The laser keyboard also has a standard VESA mounting plate on the back, making it easy to mount for use in bed or with in a wheelchair.

The safe-laser pointer is a Class 1 Laser Product and has a docking station on the back of the laser-keyboard. Charging the laser-keyboard simultaneously charges the laser pointer when it is docked. InvoTek's safe-laser is the only Class 1 Laser pointer available in the disability field, ensuring the eye safety of users and bystanders.

Charlie using the safe laser system

The Safe-laser System uses a thin paper "vellum", common in the art and drafting industries, for defining key locations and functions. Windows-based software is included for creating vellum overlays. The user points at the vellum and the laser is detected. The user (or an aide) uses our Safe-laser Keyboard programming software to define the graphics and the function for each key. Graphics can be simple letters or complex images. Functions consist of defining what is:

  1. Printed on the on-screen display (letters, words, or combination of both).
  2. Sent to computers, tablets, or phones via USB or Bluetooth.
  3. Spoken from two rear-facing speakers.
  4. Activated by the built-in universal remote control.

The time that the laser must target a key in order to activate it (the "dwell" time) is also configurable. Keys can also be defined as a system function like clearing the display or adjusting the volume of the speaker.

Download Version 3.5 Safe Laser System manual.

Download You and Your Safe-Laser System: Android

Download You and Your Safe-Laser System: Apple

Download You and Your Safe-Laser System: Windows

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The Safe-laser System is incredibly easy to use -- even for children who are very young or adults that have had a severe stroke (watch the video above). The laser provides "concrete" movement feedback and is eye-safe* around people and pets. Our clinical collaborators have used the Safe-laser System to:

  1. Help people who have had a brain-stem stroke to re-learn head movement.
  2. Provide an easy to access "low tech" communication board accessed by light (laser) pointing.
  3. Provide up to 60 minutes of digitized speech output.
  4. Type messages on the display with or without word prediction.
  5. Use the laser keyboard to control a computer, tablet, or phone through a USB cable or wirelessly via Bluetooth.
  6. Select TV channels, turn on and off the lights, or operate an automatic door opener through IR.
  7. Use our free Android App Laser Chat Pro and an inexpensive tablet to achieve text-to-speech output.

The Safe-laser System can be used "stand alone" or to interface to computers, tablets, and phones as a standard USB keyboard or a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. If you are looking for a good way to control a computer cursor using small or large movements of fingers, toes, or a head, AccuPoint may be a better solution for you. Please contact us if you have questions. We're here to help.

* The Safe-laser System is a Class 1 Laser Product, the safest FDA classification possible.